Show Me Your Mumu-Karolina Collar Dress Forest Green

Show Me Your Mumu


This dark green forest jewel tone delivers. Pretty much the personification of a cool evening in the forest. While she loves being paired with her fellow jewel tones, lighter colors like tan and faux suede really go well too! Warm her up with shades of gold bangles or cool her down with silver pendants and rings.

Karolina Collar Dress is a close cousin of Casey Collar Top - and basically bffs. Long and gorge with that wrapping slit action that is just so on point. Platforms give her that elegance she was born for. A necklace makes a point to do a great job of displaying elegance and fun.

*100% Poly
*Basically Wrinkle-proof. Throw in purse for later recommended.

Mary Katherine is 5'7 and she is wearing a small.

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