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Dapple Grey Co.

Piecework Puzzles

Piecework Puzzles

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Early Bird: Dive into a power breakfast. Childhood fantasies finally come true with a puzzle that compiles every sugary cereal you were forbidden to eat into one colorful landscape. With a bevy of shapes and textures to compose, it’s a very good morning, indeed. 1000 pieces. 

Tickled Pink: Feast your eyes: what do you get when you take sugar and spice and everything nice, and add a dash of snips and snails and puppy dog tails? A ludicrously dew- covered, rose-colored provocative still-life. Tickled pink, indeed! 500 pieces.

Tuttu Frutti: What happens when a still life goes on vacation and comes back with a new, tropical personality? Tutti-frutti! This is the puzzle for anyone looking for a mini mind vacation. All aboard: we’re checking into paradise. 500 pieces. 


PRODUCT INFORMATION: Thick stock and high-quality art paper. Not suitable for children. Board is 100% recycled paper. Photo by Doan Ly

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